Damn you Kurt Cobain!!!!


It’s been quite a while since I’ve felt inspired enough to blog about nearly anything. I’m sat here in the guitar room (what you don’t have a guitar room?) browsing social media and out of nowhere I’m kicked in the head by Jeff Perera, Kurt Cobain and Joey Mleczko……at the same time. Kurt Cobain in utero: My role model for being a Male Ally is a think piece and homage to a forward thinking, troubled, troubadour  by Jeff Perera shared by Joey Mleczko.  The article was moving and thought provoking. I suggest you give it a read.

Now………….on to the meat and potatoes.

I’m not a fan of kurt Cobain. Before you cry blasphemy just understand that in 1991 I was 9 years old. I knew nothing of Nirvana. As I got a bit older I had to find out what all the buzz was about. January 15th 1994, with some late birthday money from my aunt I carted 12 my year old self to Sam the Record Man on James north in Hamilton and bought “In Utero” and “Bleach”. MIND. BLOWN. New, poignant, progressive, and different. Then, as I do, I learned everything i could about this band and the depressed guy with the stripy sweater. The more I learned the more excited I got……..THIS BAND IS GOING TO CHANGE MUSIC FOREVER. I was excited, even Neil Young got on the Nirvana band wagon and groups like Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam were getting huge. Kurt Cobain was leading a march of disenfranchised youth. Then, BANG. A rainy day in April this guy threw it all away and quoted Neil Young as he did it. “It’s better to burn out than to fade away”. Fuckin’ hell!  Those lyrics weren’t meant for you Kurt. Our leader has left the building but wait WAIT!!!! Those cute boys from Florida will hang out for a while. They’re called the Backstreet something or other……. They do that song: Get Down……they brought Lou Pearlman along to ruin the party so stick around cause this is gonna suck!!! Oh yeah in a year or so a group of boys called Hanson will drop by to make it so god damned hard for anyone with a touch of creativity, talent and independence to get there thoughts out……….Oh Let me introduce you to Chad Kroger………………. We’ll be handing out bandages for your bleeding ears at the back near the merch table.

I know this is a stretch but, I blame the selfish suicide of Kurt Cobain for the rise in pop music in the mid 90’s. The stats are there if you feel like spending an afternoon challenging this odd little Canadian man’s blog that is frequented by 8 whole people. Cobain was the last of the Musical Prophets. Up there with Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, John Cash, Willie Nelson, Grand Master Flash, Morrissey and the like. He left his congregation of free thinking, young, talented, hungry kids who one day could change the way people think just by quoting his words. He left us without so much as a “This is it, you gotta go the rest of the way on your own”.

I’m writing this blog because I feel like a jilted lover who has found an old letter under his bed from the love of his life. Jeff Perera’s article on Kurt Cobain’s support for equality and sometimes outspoken demand for it, made me realize once again how important he was. How important it was that he stayed making the music he made, moving the generation he did, and encouraging his listeners, critics, and fans to fulfill their duty.

Kurt once said “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption”.

So today I’ll pull out my special edition 12″ copies of Bleach and Nevermind and curse that man with every ounce of my being.

So in the words of Courtney Love “God, you asshole”

Your boyfriend for the evening

Joseph Rox

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